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Youth Sports

Head Coach – Arnett McClure  
Email –

Junior Team Tennis Leagues (2) 
Fall – September and October (6 weeks)
Spring – April and May (6 weeks)

  1. Get a USTA Number for your child (it’s free). Click here
  2. Sign up for a league. 
    You need:
    Minimum of 2 girls and 2 boys (3 of each is best)
    A parent volunteer (It’s ok if you don’t know about tennis.  It’s mainly record keeping and communication.)
    USTA Numbers (See Step 1, and it is free)
    Register your team with the league coordinator, 1 month start before if possible.
    Melinda Robertson - (325) 669-3340 or 


Individual Tournaments

Many Tournaments occur in the Abilene and surrounding areas throughout the year.  Most of these are through an organization called UTR.  This is free to join, and you only pay for tournaments you enter.  All tournaments are broken into many draws or brackets.  The players are grouped into brackets where they are guaranteed 3 matches and against players of similar levels.  The more UTR Tournaments they play, the more accurate their rating will be and the better brackets they will be placed in.  

  1. Download the UTR App (Universal Tennis Rating).  It is free.
  2. Create a free profile for your player.
  3. Tournaments can be found on this app and entered through it as well.  
  4. Volleyball and Basketball Leagues


AYSA (Abilene Youth Sports Association)

Camps, Leauges, and Tournments offered throughout the year.  Your student can be signed up through the web site:
There are usually two leagues.  One league is signed up as an individual and one league you sign up as a team.

You need:

  1. Parent or other Volunteer Coach
  2. Get a team together with your student’s grade (8-10 kids is perfect for volleyball or basketball)
  3. Schedule 1 Practice a Week with Arnett McClure
  4. Leagues are either 4 or 6 weeks in duration.
  5. Help with rules, strategies, defense/offense, substitutions
  6. For Volleyball contact Arnett McClure (
  7. For Basketball contact Cason Pyle (

Location: AYSA has the Dodge Jones Athletic Facility on the loop and ES 11th next to the zoo.  It is a first class sports complex in Abilene that specializes in Youth Volleyball and Youth Basketball. 


Here is a link to all leagues, camps, and Tournaments: