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The Vision Statement for Digital Learning is to create a digital age learning environment that fosters critical thinking, encourages creativity and innovation, equips students with digital skills, facilitates collaboration, and points ACS students toward excellence.

Grades 6-12 have scheduled time in the Digital Learning Center (DLC), a room designed with collaborative work stations of 2-4 students each and outfitted with computers and workspace.


A Digital Learning Coach manages the DLC and partners with core academic teachers to create a project referred to as a CLUE (Collaborative Learning Unit Enrichment). CLUEs present an investigative project that incorporates a "real world" connection and creates a need to learn and use digital tools. NETS, National Educational Technology Standards for Students (established by the International Society for Technology in Education - ISTE), are reflected within the scope of each CLUE as follows:

  • Creative thinking and development of products and processes using technology
  • Use of digital media and tools to communicate and work collaboratively
  • Use of digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information
  • Effective use of technology applications and systems
  • Digital citizenship (taught by secondary students to elementary students)

The core academic teacher (CAT) and the Digital Learning Coach (coach) form a collaborative partnership. The CAT creates a CLUE that will enrich and enhance the material covered in his or her classroom, while the coach proposes a variety of digital tools to generate discovery, facilitate evaluations, and provide a collaborative platform for presentations. Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) is the foundational collaborative platform for students; however, other Web 2.0 collaborative tools are introduced as deemed appropriate by this team. CLUEs are assessed and approved by the Director of Curriculum then scheduled with the TIS and posted on the DLC schedule. A "dynamic" list of digital tools by grade level is also approved by the Director of Curriculum, and these tools will be learned and utilized throughout the school year as CLUEs create the need to use them (based on mutual decisions by the CAT and the digital coach). This list is continually updated as new tools are discovered, evaluated, and approved.