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25% off Tuition for PK-Grade 12.  Parent is full-time active military.

25% off Tuition for PK-Grade 12.  Parent is full-time ministerial and that parent's majority income is derived from the ministerial position.

15% off Tuition for PK.

25% off for Grades K-12.  

Parent is full-time employee of either university.

15% off Tuition for PK.

Parent is full-time employee of the university.

Tuition Benefit for K-Grade 12.  Please see the ACU Employee Handbook or contact the Business Office for further details.

10% / 20% off Tuition for PK-Grade 12.  This discount is stackable with any of the non-ACU family discounts.  10% off for second child and 20% off for third and fourth child or any additional children.

Start the Online Application Process for the 2023-24 school year only.  


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