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The ACS Band Program begins in sixth grade 

All students learn the basics of playing a band instrument of their choice. We believe that God not only created the beauty and expressive qualities of music and equipped us to understand and enjoy it, but also allows us to follow in His image by giving us the ability to create it for our own pleasure and the enjoyment of others.

Playing in an ensemble also develops important listening and collaborative skills, and research has shown that playing an instrument develops additional areas of the brain and strengthens connections between the right and left side of the brain. Many students who might not think they can play an instrument, discover that they can and continue playing and enjoying this God-given ability throughout their high school years.

Band is an elective in grades 7-12 Band director

The middle school concert band (grades 7-8) and the high school concert band (grades 9-12) along with the sixth grade band and all the choirs present a Christmas Concert in December and a Spring Concert in May.

All middle school and high school band students who are not cheerleaders or football players combine to form the Fighting Panther Pep Band. They do not march but perform in the stands at all high school home football games and pep rallies.

The middle school band competes in the Cisco Music Festival in March and the high school band competes in a Director's Choice Festival and performs at Grandparent's Day in November.  Middle school and high school band members have the opportunity to participate in auditions for the Texas Private Schools Music Educator Association Honor Bands.