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At ACS, theatre is an elective that is offered to grades 6th-12th. ACS offers two or more productions; including comedies, drama, and musicals. 

Theatre at ACS is taught to develop God-given abilities and provide an opportunity for students to creatively express themselves.

Classical and modern dramas, comedies, and musicals are presented, and students are encouraged to hone their acting skills as they present uplifting and entertaining performances for their families and peers. We strive to celebrate and develop the creative gifts God has given our students by building up the confidence and imagination of each student. Whether on stage or backstage our students know that each is an important “part” and aspect of our program.

Through theatre, our students are given life skills in public speaking, creative thinking, working in groups and as a team, mentoring younger students, and remaining calm under pressure. Above all our students develop the spiritual habit of giving all glory to the Great Creator for the gifts He has given them.

We have character. Character on stage. Character in Christ.

Elementary Theatre

There are several opportunities for our elementary students to participate in theatrical performances...more

Secondary Theatre

Theatre is an elective beginning in sixth grade. Early productions will be performed for elementary students while later student have the opportunity to audition and participate in...more