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The Nancy Thompson Memorial Library is more than just a place to store books. At the heart of the ACS campus, it’s a multipurpose room that hosts parent meetings, faculty meetings, receptions and student activities like Library Lunch Club.


Students in Pre-K3 through Kindergarten visit the library each week for a story time lesson and to check out books.  Students in 1st through 5th grade learn the Dewey decimal system, learn about book awards, and how they are chosen. The library offers many programs to encourage a love of reading!

Accelerated Reader Program

The Accelerated Reader Program is used to test 1st- 5th grade students’ comprehension on books they read. Points are earned based on test scores. At the end of each 9 week period, students can use their points to purchase prizes at the AR store.

Million Work Reader

Students who read one million words during the school year are acknowledged at chapel and have their picture put up in the library. At the end of the year these students attend a special lunch off campus and a special t-shirt. 

Library Lunch Club

The Library Lunch Club is a program for first through fifth graders. Students are challenged several times a year to read a certain book within a month. Participating students are invited to attend lunch in the library at the end of the month and discuss the book in small, parent-led discussion groups.

Middle and High School

Middle school and high school students also enjoy using the library facilities. ACS Juniors and Seniors have access to the ACU library plus other on-line services. That includes the Interlibrary Loan Program, so they can access materials from all three colleges and the Abilene Public Library.