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Art is taught as an enrichment for all Pre-K and Elementary students. Students experience a wide array of various art forms through observation and participation. Our school is beautified by student works on continuous display in the elementary office and library.


Elementary students, K-5, receive Spanish instruction from 30 minutes to one hour per week, depending on grade level. Emphasis is placed on learning Spanish in an immersion setting, where Spanish is spoken exclusively. The goal is to expose students to a second language in a fun, relaxing classroom experience through games and hands-on activities. Students are given the opportunity to learn about a different culture and language and encouraged to think beyond their own sphere of influence, considering and celebrating the fact that God created and loves all people.


All pre-k through fifth grade classes have general music classes where students learn about instruments, improvisation, composition, music from other cultures, and musical integration with our culture and history, as well as sing and prepare for various performances throughout the year. The fourth and fifth graders also play recorders. All pre-k and elementary students perform at Grandparents' Day.

Digital Learning

All Pre-K and Elementary students have regularly scheduled iPad time and have smart boards in every classroom. Teachers incorporate computer and technology skills into weekly assignments and activities. Students learn basic computer skills, word processing, Power Point, and how to use the internet safely. Read more about our Digital Learning Center.

Physical Education

In P.E. all pre-k and elementary students focus on gross motor development, body control, spatial awareness, and healthy living and engage in many physical and cross curricular activities that make learning fun. We incorporate music and math as well as introduce many different sports through less competitive lead up games and activities.