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Whether spoken, written, film, or multi-media presentations communication skills are essential for life and future career endeavors. Besides the required English, speech, and digital learning classes, we offer newspaper, yearbook, Photoshop, and digital media electives.


The Panther Press is an electronic news site, published quarterly by high school students taking the newspaper elective class. The digital site contains news and interest articles as well as the latest videos produced by the digital media class. Go to Panther Press any time to see what's new or sign up for notifications on new articles

The Cactus is the ACS annual. It is a full-color, hardcover, 112-page book published by a staff of high school students in the yearbook class working with Jostens, Inc. The book features grades Pre-K through 12 and is delivered in May so all students, including seniors, may write in each other's books. It is followed in August by a 16-page supplement covering spring sports and end-of-year activities. Books may be ordered from August through January.


While much multi-media work goes on in collaborative learning groups in the digital learning classes required for all secondary students, the high school digital media elective focuses solely on video creation and film editing. Digital media students also film sports events for coaches.

ACS recently upgraded hardware and software so this class can make professional quality videos. Please visit the ACS Panther Media page on YouTube to see all of the latest digital media class productions.

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